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19 Apr 21
20 Apr 21
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Welcome to Tooba Boutique Hotel

About Us

Conveniently located in an immaculate neighborhood, nestling  along the coziness of quite a unique site in the vicinity, award winning and recipient of multiple certificates in quality customer service Tooba Hotel offers easy access  to CBD , city centre , and a broad range of entertainment, exquisite dining  and shopping options.

Whether for business or leisure, a stay in Tooba Hotel is nevertheless your assurance of finest, top of the range service, for Tooba Hotel proudly boasts unrivalled high-grade accommodation only comparable to the indulgent comfort of one's own home.

Hotel Tooba is where "extra" loses all sense and is replaced by "service to perfection".


Featuring a broad range of accommodation from lavish rooms to spacious suites with rich iconic designs all equipped with an array of carefully chosen exemplary amenities, Tooba Hotel caters the most astute travelers and offers you the highest degree of pampering and lures travelers of every conviction with a penchant for the finer things in life.

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